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A feminine entrepreneur is an individual who applies feminist values and approaches through entrepreneurship, with the goal of improving the quality of life and wellbeing of girls and women.

Many are doing so by creating ‘for women, by women’ enterprises.’ Feminist entrepreneurs are motivated to enter commercial markets by desire to create wealth and social change, based on the ethics of cooperation, equality, and mutual respect

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Content Writing

Content is the information and experiences; directed at an end-user or audience in publishing, art.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant: When you lose a shield, there’s a chance you’ll get a guardian sprite and virtual friend.

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Paris Fashion

The exact times when evening begins and ends depend on location, time of year, and culture


Business Advisory

The continued delivery of goods or services and adapting of goods or services


Integrated Innovations

An occupation or a profession that usually involves special training or formal education


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Nice work on your business. We’re loving it. Thanks business! It’s really wonderful. Services impressed me on multiple levels.

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It’s incredible. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from good. We can’t understand how we’ve been living without services.

Elaine T.

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